A Cashless Tipping & Donation App Ever found yourself in the position of not having enough or any cash to tip your server or the person who just helped you with your bag at the hotel?

We are planning to develop the very first tipping & donation app. Using our app, you will be able to tip others anonymously. Unlike, apps such as Venmo and Zelle, our app does not need any detailed information from the person you want to send money to. So you can do it instantly!

How It Works

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No Personal Information

The app will be very secure and you don’t have to share ANY personal information with the other person to send or receive a tip .

Receive Tip in Minutes

You can sign up and start receiving tips in minutes.

Easy Tracking

You can easily track all your previous tip history using the designed features of the app.

Digital & Printing Promotions

The app will provide digital and printable promotional features which will help you receive more tip by making it easier for others to tip. You will not be sharing your personal information with them.

Send Money Fully Anonymously In order to send or receive a tip, there is no need for a phone number, an email, or a name to be shared with the other party.

One of the biggest complains from users of many current apps is lack of privacy. There is a need for much personal information to either be shared or will, without an opt-out option, to be viewed by the other party. Our app will solve this problem.

How it Would Work:


User signs up for an account to create their unique personal payment page. Your account page contains digital and printable versions of a QR and DoughNation code to be easily displayed.

Tipper Scans

Tippers/Gifters scan QR code or manually enters DoughNation code which links to payment page. Tipper/Gifter selects the amount to send and pays via their linked bank account.

Receive Tip

Money received is automatically paid into the user’s bank account.

Find out When DoughNation will be Launched on Kickstarter!

Watch a Video on DoughNation's Development Plan

You will find for informations about DoughNation in the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below!

How it Started

Co-founder Michael Goggin was on a work trip to Colorado. He arrived at the Denver airport and needed to take the shuttle bus over to the rental car agency. Unfortunately, Michael was not carrying cash and couldn’t tip the driver for his superior service. A few hours later Michael took a car sharing service into Denver to meet some old college friends for dinner. Once again he was unable to tip without a cash alternative. When Michael returned home he shared the frustrating tipping story during a computer-programming course with friend’s Damon and AJ. A few hours later DoughNation was born.

Meet Our Team DoughNation is a fully veteran run business. Co-founders Michael Goggin, Damon Goodrich-Houska, and A.J. Keech are current U.S. Military Officers. Combined they have over 25 years serving in the military.

Michael Goggin CO-FOUNDER

Michael Goggin is a native of Mahopac, NY. He grew up working in food service for his mom’s catering company and waiting tables. Michael received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Buffalo. He bartended throughout college to help pay for school and secretly wishes he was still slinging drinks behind the bar. In 2008, Michael commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy, which he still considers his proudest accomplishment. When not working, Mike can be found running marathons, hiking, and catching up on TV shows every other person has already seen.

Damon Goodrich-Houska CO-FOUNDER

Damon Goodrich-Houska was raised in Valparaiso, Indiana, He has a B.S in Public and Environmental Affairs, and an M.S. in Cyber Security. Damon earned his Navy commission through Officer Candidate School in 2010. He served onboard the USS REUBEN JAMES (FFG 57) and USS RUSHMORE (LSD 47).  Damon is still serving on active duty as a Warfare Tactics Instructor, but enjoys coding and cyber security projects in his free time. He is married to an English Professor, practices Kung Fu, and is writing a rock opera.


A.J. Keech is a native of Oxnard, California.  He moved to Michigan when he was 15, and he claims both as his home states (for better or worse).  He originally enlisted the Navy in 1999 and was stationed onboard the USS CARL VINSON in Bremerton, Washington.  After getting out of the Navy the first time and graduating from college, he began working as a communications manager in the Michigan House of Representatives, where he worked for seven years.  A.J. returned to military service in 2008 as a Navy reserve officer, and returned to active duty in 2014.  He has been deployed to sea three times and spent a tour in Iraq. A.J. holds a B.A. in Political Science from Western Michigan University, a B.S. in Psychology from Central Michigan University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s from the United States Navy War College.  He is married and is expecting his first child shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions About DoughNation's Possible Features

DoughNation connects dedicated service professionals and small-scale fundraisers with individuals looking to show their appreciation through a small cashless transaction without having to exchange personal identifiable information.

Our company values emphasize community, generosity, security, and privacy.


DoughNation is a web app that connects dedicated service professionals and small-scale fundraisers with individuals looking to show their appreciation through a small cashless transaction without having to exchange personal identifiable information.
34% of people no longer carry cash and that number continues to grow. Service professionals without a point of sale system and fundraisers have lost out on potential sources of income through this move to a cashless society. DoughNation bridges this gap by allowing a quick, easy, private, and secure transaction.
Anyone with a mobile device can use our services. Signup using our iPhone or Android app to send money.
Any service professional or fundraiser can signup and be able to receive money within minutes. Our customers include parking valets, hotel maids, bellhops, moving companies, shuttle drivers, bartenders, pizza delivery, and many more.
DoughNation prides itself on privacy and security. We use the latest encrypted technology to protect your personal information. DoughNation does not collect or store bank account information on our servers. Our payment processor is one of the largest and most secure payment companies.


A service professional will provide you with a QR code or DoughNation code. Download the “DoughNation” app and use your phone to either scan or enter the code to visit the individual’s payment page. Then just select the amount and pay via ACH from your bank account.
Yes. Upon signing up your must enter your payment information to complete registration. Our payment processor can instantly verify your bank account or in some cases provide instructions to verify through micro deposits. Then just scan and pay. We take privacy and security seriously. Your bank account information is never collected by DoughNation nor stored on our servers.
Yes. We charge 25 cents per transaction. The fee is subtracted from the total amount tipped.
No. DoughNation is strictly a platform to allow tipping for individuals who have already provided a service. Any other use violates our terms and conditions. Suspected misuse will lead to account suspension.
All transactions are final. DoughNation has a strict NO REFUND policy. Please make sure you verify the amount to send before completing the transaction.

Yes. Once your payment is approved from our payment processor, you will receive a receipt.

Not currently. However, this is a feature we are looking to add in the future.


After registering you will be assigned a QR code and DoughNation code that when scanned or entered in our app will link to your personal payment page. Your profile will contain both a printable business card and flyer with your codes that can be handed out to customers or posted.

Yes, when registering there is a message block that will be added to your printable marketing material.

Yes. We charge 25 cents per transaction regardless of the amount. The fee is subtracted from the total amount tipped.
Our app gives the opportunity to receive payments from the growing population that does not carry cash. As an added benefit, researchers have shown individuals paying electronically spend 12-18% more than when paying cash.
Your money is available as soon as the transaction clears the payment processor (usually 1-2 days). DoughNation NEVER touches your money.
Your personal payment page has an account history to track payments. Each person is responsible for claiming any money associated with gratuities for taxable reasons. We will provide a 1099 if your payments meet the IRS minimum reporting requirements.
Yes, as soon as the transaction is approved you will receive an e-mail showing the amount and the transaction fee for our services.

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